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“An artwork that does not begin with an emotion is not art” — Paul Cezanne


My Story

It takes courage to decide that my goal in life is to be a painter.


After breast cancer, back surgery, and other series of events in my life, that's exactly what I decided to do.


As a self-taught artist, I worked hard, took different art courses to improve my knowledge and skills and most importantly, follow my intuition to create nature-inspired artworks.


Painting and drawing have always been part of me since I can keep a pencil in my hand.


After my cancer treatments in 2013, I stopped thinking about what other people would think if I was a full-time painter. And who helped me take the decision ? The radiation oncologist (doctor specializing in the treatment of cancer by radiotherapy).


I will always remember what she said to me during the last appointment with her: «Follow your dream (…) From now on, do what really matters to you. Be happy. »


Two weeks later, I started painting again. I felt so good. So happy. So alive. I never looked back. I told myself that from now on I would take care of myself and follow my passion.


A few years later, a woman I know, whose job was an art critic, told me at an art exhibition that my art style had changed so much in a year. This comment from her encouraged me to keep working hard to improve my art every day. I was so happy !


In 2013, I dared to believe in myself. I kept the faith. I was determined and I never gave up. Today, I do not regret my decision.


Like everyone, some days are tougher. And it's okay. It's life. We all learn from our mistakes. This is how we improve. ourselves.


Finally, what is important is to believe in yourself. The rest will come later.

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I create multi-layered, abstract paintings in which nature is the focal point.- the focal point to explore feelings, emotions, colour, lines and texture.  My intuition guide me through this exploration..  

I love to add vivid colors to my paintings.  It adds joy and happiness.  Each layer is a new beginning just like our life that we must enjoy every moment.  Every day.


Julie is a colorful abstract artist living in Canada.  Originally from the big town Ottawa (Ontario), where she earned three degrees in physical geography, leisure science and a Master degree in Sport science.  She now lives in a small town surrounded by nature in the Quebec province.  After many years realizing that something was missing to be happier, she finally achieved lots of art courses at Bishop University.    Since she is young that she draws and paint, but it is after a breast cancer that she decided that it was time to realize her dream:  be an artist.  This difficult time of her life awaken her senses.


Inspired by the nature that surrounds her, Julie explores the abstract landscapes and lakeside of the Eastern Townships.  As a geographer, she wants to transpose in her way the forms, the lines, the colors.  Each artwork is a dialogue with the nature.  She wants to capture the energy of the environment. 


Her intuition often guides her brushstrokes and mark making.  Sometimes she likes to use vivid colors and other time neutral tones.


The omnipresent nature in her paintings is like our mind. Full of beauty, love and fragility that must be protected.


Julie’s paintings are in private collections in North America and Europe.


Capturing the nature’s energy.  As a contemporary painter, my spontaneous style is a multi-layered work to seize the very essence of the landscape.  It is my inspiration.

When I contemplate a landscape, color is often the first element that captures my attention, then there are the shapes. 

Using different tools such as palette knifes, brushes, spatulas, paper, toothpick and more, each watercolor and acrylic layer is scratched, pushed, removed and blended to create a colorful, inspiring and coordinated painting.  I seek to explore and expose my interpretation of the beauty of nature that I have the chance to observe around my little town in the province of Quebec (Canada).

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